"Audiophile CD Of The Month" - AUDIO 5/2012

Die Test-CD für High Ender!

AUDIO 5/2012

"Audiophile CD of the Month”

Martin Vatter also combines a harmonious pace with dynamic sound. Part 2 of his “sound images” series is dedicated to the German expressionist Franz Marc. The 22:22-minute mini album "Sound Images 2" (via www.highresaudio.com also as high resolution download in 24 bit/ 88.2 kHz resolution) shows Vatter as a sensitive composer who indulges in contemplative sound sketches. But in dark and looming passages he also refers to the artist’s agonies and the imminent First World War, which cost Marc his life at the age of 36. Vatter’s Steinway model D was recorded without compressors and limiters – which led to a dynamic range of 13dB. At the same time, part 1 of Vatter’s sound images series was remastered – here another grand master, Lovis Corinth (1858 – 1925), was used as a model.

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