HiFi-Mag. "einsnull" - CD "SOUND IMAGES 2"

A Perfect Recording! Enjoy It!

SOUND IMAGES 2 is wholeheartedly dedicated to the art of the Munich expressionist Franz Marc in a miraculous and wonderful way. The German pianist Martin Vatter had a close look at the paintings of the artist, comprehended them and turned them into acoustic art. It is his idea of colours and their characteristics that Vatter strove to express using timbres. Without doubt he succeeded in doing so in this artistically and acoustically impressive creation. He knows how to convey the same messages as Franz Marc and thus, on the one hand, shows his respect and, on the other hand, he created an album waiting to be discovered by the listener. There is a bit of Keith Jarrett in it, even if Martin Vatter of course has his own unique style on the piano. Cautiously and thoughtfully, he gently plays catchy and atmospheric sounds on the keys, with eyes closed you can virtually smell the air that Martin was breathing. In fact, you would immediately like to swim in this music and to produce paintings in your thoughts, concentrating on enjoying. I do not really belong to the target group of this genre, yet for a long time I have not listened to anything as devoutly and kept as calm as while I was listening intensely to this album for the first two or three times. Those who like to indulge completely in music will be highly entertained here. The excellent recording supports the pleasure even more. No limiter disturbs the feeling of inner dynamics.The recording by J├╝rgen Reis is perfect.

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