"HiFi News" 11/2011

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Review: HighRes-Download "KLANGBILDER" (24-bit/88,2kHz ; FLAC) in "HiFi News" 11/2011

There's a touch of Jarrett in Vatter, again all solo piano bar a horn melody in the first of these three pieces composed around a set of Lovis Corinth paintings exhibited in Germany's Franz Marc Museum, inside which Vatter enjoyed an extended tinkle before composing and recording this 23-minute suite. It's happy pastoral stuff for the first half, flowing and emotive, his airy flights and lack of care perhaps reflecting the gallery's open design and Alpine lakeside location. Corinth's paintings appear somewhat darker in tone (to judge from samples obtained through Google's Image Search), presumably informing the last track's more melancholic melodies, not to mention some menacing hands-in-the-piano string-zinging sonics, where the HD really sings out. Then he closes a section (at 7:08) with the ident music for Warner Home Video. What's that about? JF

Sound Quality: 85%
Lab Report: This 24-bit/88,2kHz download from www.highresaudio.com features some very quite passages as Vatter's distinctive hand at the piano finds many notes descending inti the dark floor of the recording, as evidenced here. PM

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